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Over a decade of experience in handling research and specialised projects of every size and scale, our organization comports as the most preferred organization for market research and brand management. With strategic and creative solutions, we present the best reports based on market research and refreshed commercial solutions for advertising your brand.

Blind wink is well equipped to meet any market research and brand management challenge. Our team comprises optimistic and professional minded people that will make your brand in vogue. We specialize in all interview techniques, from a five-minute telephone questionnaire to in-depth interviews. Also, we have a creative team of marketing researchers who have quality experience in the research and marketing field. They assist you to filter search parameters, pinpoint the range of available reports, review scope and then make decisions to select the best marketing equipment.

We bring to you first-hand information and prudent analysis on various industries, technologies, economic and non-economic market parameters, potential markets, and key competitors in the industry to help in identifying prospective growth areas and gain competitive edge.

Our global presence spans across USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Emerging Markets where customers have come to rely on our high quality service, quick turnaround time, and our famous ‘can-do’ approach to the toughest assignments.

We have all the desired skills and capabilities that let us deliver the solutions for brand management and exquisite report of market research. We believe that most of the existing business problems can be addressed and resolved through our systematic development of business intelligence.


Our main goal is to discover advanced alternative solutions for your business problems. We aim at making research efficient and result oriented for our clients. We assist to coordinate between market decision makers and the market.

Why us?

  • In house market research specialist, analyst, moderators, consumer research specialist and business strategist who offers end to end service.
  • Discover advanced solutions for marketing and branding strategies.
  • Top level analysis for marketing research and branding management.
  • Deadline driven about offering solutions to the clients.

Award Category:

  • Albert Einstein - Research Scientist Award
  • Isaac Newton - Research Scientist Award
  • William Shakespeare - Star Golden Award
  • Certificate of Honorary Excellence Award
  • International Noble Ambassador Award
  • Person of the Year in (Your Specialization)
  • International Prestigious Award
  • International Star Excellence Award
  • Goodwill Ambassador Award
  • Embodiment of Personality Award
  • International Golden Award
  • Best Creator of the Year Award
  • Star ICON Award
  • The Great Personality Award
  • International Leadership Award
  • Exclusive Golden Award
  • Best Educationist Award
  • International Brand Icon Award
  • Golden Apple Education Award
  • Lord Buddha Golden Award
  • The Super Hero Award
  • International Golden Award
  • International Nobel Award
  • International Super Hero Award
  • Best Humanitarian Award
  • Mother Teresa Global Peace Award
  • Moon Star Icon Award
  • Best Social Activist Award
  • World Top Leader Award
  • International Brand Icon Award
  • Legend of the World Award
  • International Noble Ambassador Award
  • Global Talent Icon Award
  • The Pride of Nation Award
  • Nelson Mandela International Peace Award
  • International Prestigious Award
  • Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award
  • Mahatma Gandhi International Nobel Peace Award
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Fellowship Award
  • Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Research Fellowship Award
  • Rabindra Nath Tagore - Global Peace Award
  • Swami Vivekananda - Global Peace Award
  • Best Researcher Award
  • Best Research Scholar Award
  • Best Senior Faculty Award
  • Best Young Faculty Award
  • Excellence Teaching in Higher Education Award
  • Best Director of the Year Award
  • Best Principal of the Year Award
  • Best Dean of the Year Award
  • Best Women Faculty Award
  • Award of Excellence in Research
  • Life Time Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Professor Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Woman Award
  • Young Engineer Award
  • Senior Engineer Award
  • Out Standing Engineer Award
  • Young Scientist Award
  • Senior Scientist Award
  • Out Standing Scientist Award
  • Young Researcher Award
  • Senior Researcher Award
  • Out Standing Researcher Award
  • Innovative Academician Award
  • Best Teacher Award
  • Global Eminent Scientist Award
  • Global Eminent Researcher Award
  • Global Eminent Teacher Award
  • Global Eminent Academician Award
  • Global Eminent Industry Achiever Award

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