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ECHEA has been formed primarily to identify and accredit high quality, professional and ethical educational agents worldwide so that educational institutions can be confident that they will be represented in a professional, ethical manner and that they will not tarnish the image of the institution. International recruitment is now becoming a core activity of most education institutions across the world and it is important that a strategic plan is developed in order to establish a good cultural diversity. Since its inception, ECHEA has expanded its portfolio of services in an effort to become the ‘Total Solution’ to your international development needs. ECHEA now includes private colleges and language schools in its accreditation scheme which will helps you to identify high quality alliances and feeder institutions.

ECHEA for Private Colleges and Language Schools:

One of the main concerns of parents, students, visa officers and education agents is the quality and permanence of private colleges and language schools. There are many such institutions producing beautiful glossy leaflets and prospectuses showing state-of-the-art facilities and resources, yet these often mislead the student. These institutions are causing concern in the marketplace, as well as confusion and mistrust among parents, students and visa officers, and these officers are now looking very carefully at visa applications from students wishing to study at a private institution. This seems to be a particular problem for students wishing to study in the USA, Australia or UK.

ECHEA accreditation can help you to be set aside from these institutions and bring confidence back to the students, parents and visa officers. ECHEA accreditation will only accept private colleges and language schools who can demonstrate professional and ethical practice in recruitment and delivery of high quality and relevant programme’s of study. ECHEA accredited centres must also demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude to students as well as having a strict code of discipline regarding attendance and study practices.

As accredited ECHEA members, you will also enjoy these other benefits:

  • ECHEA has been formed to identify the most highly professional and ethical agents worldwide so you can be confident that the good reputation of your institution will be upheld
  • Access to ECHEA website
  • Access to marketing/advertising opportunities through the ECHEA newsletter and website
  • Seminars, workshops and exhibitions to assist with networking and to develop the university/agent relationship
  • Access to ECHEA’s unique referral network
  • Database of educational agents worldwide

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