Degree Validation Diploma (For Institutes, Individuals):

Graduates from the ECHEA accredited institutions or from institutions of education holding an equivalent accreditation may ensure and demonstrate that their education diploma, earned credits, and awarding institution are considered to be bona fide and accredited according to the ECHEA standards by requesting an ECHEA Degree Validation Diploma. The ECHEA Degree Validation Diploma also specifies the total credits earned and their equivalency in EU, UK, US Semester Credits.

What is the Degree Validation Diploma from ECHEA?

The ECHEA is interested in assisting individuals to validate their degrees, validate their diplomas, and recognize earned credits on an international scale. To this end, we have prepared a degree validation procedure that will certify the credit and degree equivalency of any diploma or certification earned at any of the ECHEA accredited institutions. This degree validation document will also endorse the external quality review of the degree, institution, and program of study. The ECHEA considers this degree validation document service to be an important and constructive process to facilitate the acceptance of the degrees and credits earned from our accredited institutions. Note that accreditation is a voluntary and non-governmental process. No accreditation in the world can provide automatic acceptance and degree validation of the credits earned at other institutions, nor does it guarantee the acceptance of graduates by employers. Acceptance of students or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer.

What are the Benefits of the Degree Validation Diploma?

You will receive an international degree validation diploma issued by the ECHEA that will state the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Verification of the diploma and specialization earned
  • Verification of the total credits corresponding to this diploma and specialization
  • Verification of the composition of the credit in hours of study
  • Certification of the credits equivalency to the EU, UK, US Semester credits system
  • Certification of the credits equivalency to Europe
  • Assurance that the awarding institution is meeting the ECHEA education quality standards

The ECHEA diploma validation may be useful for the global acceptance of the degrees and credits by employers, professional associations, other institutions, colleges, or universities.

Who May Obtain a Degree Validation Diploma from ECHEA?

The ECHEA may validate degrees and diplomas from the following educational providers:

  • ECHEA Accredited Institutions: The degree validation document may exclusively be issued to students who have completed a program of study in any of the ECHEA accredited institutions while the accreditation status remains valid. If your school is not included in the list, you may recommend they consider getting the ECHEA accreditation.
  • Institutions Holding an ECHEA Equivalent Accreditation: This accreditation equivalency will be determined by the ECHEA after the application for a degree validation document is submitted by a graduate of such institution of education.